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Budget Makeup Saves The Day

Budget Makeup Saves The Day

Hello you lovely people! How the devil are we? Can you guess what today’s blog is about (yeah I know it has been a while but as a damn busy burlesque performer and photographer sorry!) BUDGET MAKEUP!

Now hold your horses before you all yawn as you have read my amazing reviews of the Kat Von D makeup lines I covered here and also the Two Faced I covered here. I must first explain why I ended up with loads of budget items. I have nothing against them by the way but usually I invest a tonne of funds into stage makeup as it needs to withstand my powersliding high energy performances. So…basically after a tech rehearsal I realised that in the shared dressing room one of the performers who was leaving had accidentally packed my makeup kit away in her bag. She returned it intact the next day but poor lass was in pieces…as was I.  The only store around was Boots and Superdrug. With the queue HUGE in Boots I hit Superdrug. I grabbed what I could to make a minimal makeup kit.

Hands down I am impressed. Not with all of it but for such lower end of the price scale cosmetics, they did super well.

This is my haul I got. Some items have been repurchased as they ran out.


First up the palette of eyeshadow from anti-animal testing costmetic brand MUA. It is exclusive to Superdrug as far as I am aware. Bloody good. Perfect for natural or heavy smokey eyes. I love this palette. I use it A LOT as clearly seen in the next photo.IMAG3099

Ok...I love this palette. Clearly demonstrated by its overuse..haha Ok…I love this palette. Clearly demonstrated by its overuse..haha

You can buy it in the store or online. Its only £8!!! I mean come on. Amazing value. Pigments are strong and easy to blend. I dont really like the applicator provided. I use brushes. Good range of colours and I love them. The whiter colour Antique is a good shade but I only use it when onstage as its quite strong.

Foundation is bloody essential for stage. I tend to use a primer, concealer and then a foundation but in my haste I bought this combined product. Ok so its pretty impressive coverage. I still use a separate concealer but this did the job for onstage that night. Its now my ‘non-burlesque’ evening out product. Too heavy for daytime in my opinion. I should have purchased a shade darker but for stage this is fine. I think it cost me around a tenner at the time as was on offer.


You can buy it in store or online here. Currently at £12.99 but offers are on quite often.

I have seen many a pinup darling and burlesque babe sing the praises of this product and I am happy to report they were well sung. I have now almost 100% switched to this product for stage. Thick black pigment and easily applied. Perfect.


From Collection its fabulous. Only £2.99!! http://www.superdrug.com/Collection/Collection-Fast-Stroke-Eye-Liner-3-8g-Black-1/p/228796

I am a funny sausage when it comes to mascara. I hate gloopy product or anything with a stupid wand to apply. This is pretty ok. I think it struggles in heat a little and there is some drop off under the stage lights but for day to day its good.


Cost me £6.99 so impressed. http://www.superdrug.com/Maybelline/Maybelline-Colossal-Volum%27-Express-Mascara-100%25-Black-10-7ml/p/731360 

Oh my gosh, I think this is the holy grail of products. I mean seriously. As a pale skin honey, I struggle with contour kits. They are either too muddy or orange for me. Dont even get me started on highlighters. Anyway I had little hope on this product when I purchased it. Well let me tell you, its one of the best buys! I mean it. I use the contour side for eyeshadow too. Its amazing. Light enough to suit me but also can be built up easily for stage contouring.


This is ONLY a fiver! £5. Yep five whole pounds. I love it. Love it. No crappy applicator with this so grab a brush. A great mirror inside too. Perfect product for me. I have the higher end stuff I use also but this is on par with them. Cruelty free too! GO MUA! Buy it in store or here: http://www.superdrug.com/MUA/MUA-Luxe-Bronze-%26-Sculpt-Contour-Kit—Light-Medium/p/471303  

I use Light – Medium shade.

the other products in the photo are:

  1. MUA eyebrow pencil is Blonde. Its good. £1. I use it as is when not on stage but onstage I darken it slightly with MUA shade 19 eyeshadow. An old trick from my studio’s makeup artist.  Grab it in store.
  2. MUA Luxe Velvet Lipstick. MATTE HEAVEN ON A BUDGET PEOPLE! Ok so not the lasting power of higher end products but for stage its fine. Only £3. http://www.superdrug.com/MUA/MUA-Luxe-Velvet-Lip-Lacquer—Reckless/p/573309 I would suggest using a lipliner though and be aware it can be a little drying.

So here are a few self indulgent selfies to show me using these products.IMG_20160813_132153 IMG_20160811_135555 IMG_20160809_102546 IMG_20160806_132637

Excuse the finger....hahaha I was doing it as I was reported on Instagram for an image that had NO nudity but was still taken down. Haters be hating. Excuse the finger….hahaha I was doing it as I was reported on Instagram for an image that had NO nudity but was still taken down. Haters be hating.


Be sure to check out the other makeup reviews linked in the second paragraph.


Love you


Khandie xxx

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