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Make up Review – Kat Von D and Two Faced

Make up Review – Kat Von D and Two Faced

Yeah! Another beautifully packaged parcel has arrived and boom its full of makeup goodies. Namely Kat Von D Lock-It Powder Foundation, Two Faced Perfect Flush Blush and Kat Von D Long Lasting Lipstick.

Lets get testing these bad boys.


First up lets take the Two Faced Perfect Flush Blush. I have this in Peach Beach.


Such a pretty almost 50s/60s feel to it. I love the heart shape.Aug1-3

The pressed powder is divine! I am always one so quick to shy away from anything bronzing but this really is perfect for us pale skinned English roses. This costs £28 from Roses Beauty Store. A bargain.  I have to say I do own some of the Two Faced brand already so I knew it would be good.

Aug1-4 Aug1-5 Aug1-6

A powdered foundation always concerns me…will I be cakey? Will it last? Whats the coverage like? Well this one from the now famous makeup line of Kat Von D claims to last up to 24 hrs. I was sent shade 42 (light). Whilst it does look rather light, it matched my skin perfectly. But will it stand up to 24 hrs of Khandie Khisses schedule?

Available to be purchased at Rose’s Beauty Store at £34.99

Aug1-7 Aug1-8

I have already reviewed one of Kat Von D’s shades from this line but will the pesky paler colours have enough pigment and staying power as the more vibrant shades in the line? This shade for those asking is called Lovesick.

Available from Rose’s Beauty Store 



Foundation on. Lipstick on. Blusher on. though slightly washed out admittedly. Foundation on. Lipstick on. Blusher on. though slightly washed out admittedly.

So the hard testing began with a full day in the studio. I am also a photographer so spend much of my day with a camera clamped to my face and drinking coffee.

First thing, there was no residue of foundation on the camera like there so often can be with other products. Nothing. In fact a client commented how lovely I looked so winner as far as I am concerned. This product is a light to medium coverage at most so perfect for day to day.  I am not a fan of the latex sponge supplied but then who really uses them except for when they are on the go. Nice to have it but I am a brush girl. I do love how the whole product packs down though. Perfect to slip into the handbag!PSX_20150819_193826

The lipstick needed only one minor retouch because after 3 hot coffees and some celery even the most hard-wearing of lipsticks need a fresh application. I love the good coverage of this shade. So long lasting and I only applied one coat. Dries matt with no stickiness or flaking which is a bloody winner in my books. Yuck. flaky lips. So often matte drying lipsticks dry your lips out and if anything mine felt softer. I may even try a new ombre style with this as its such a pretty pastel colour…


So next after a day at the studio I went out to the gym. Yeah..full face of makeup at the gym. There is logic in my madness though. Most people put on makeup to go out and often clubbing/dancing so I though the gym might replicate those conditions without the late night. So 10km run on the treadmill did test it and I am happy to report despite a red face, there was STILL some level of coverage provided. I mean come on! Thats impressive!

The blusher was a great mix to the whole look and actually I will be buying this again when I am done. Its a damn good colour trio for my skin tones. I mean beautiful. No nasty smell, soft and can be as subtle or as intense as I like with a few brush strokes.

I highly recommend all three products. I mean whats not to love? Long lasting, hard working and pretty packaging. Once again a top score all round!

All three are on sale at Rose’ s Beauty Store. Grab lots of brands from America without the import charges! Winner!


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