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Your burlesque teacher may not be teaching you burlesque

Your burlesque teacher may not be teaching you burlesque

Just saying. Ok this is gonna cause some ruffled feathers, be they chicken or ostrich but its pretty much come to a head for me. I have had it with teachers proclaiming they can make you a burlesque star or hell that they actually teach burlesque the ‘right’ way.

Here in good old Northampton a lady popped me a few emails and I will admit I largely ignored them. Why? Because she told me in the first email she was setting up burlesque classes. No issues there.  In the second a few moments later informed me I was merely being told so not to set up my own classes. Cheeky wench. The third a week later told me she wanted me to help advertise her classes. Her fourth email asked me for pointers on how to teach. By the time this email hit my mail box, she was going to Junk Mail.

I have been in burlesque over 10 yrs. I have travelled the world LITERALLY with burlesque. I was invited to perform at the first ever Australian Burlesque Festival and tour for the weeks after with them, I have performed in Asia, USA and Europe. I have performed up and down the UK as a headliner, at teeny shows and large theatre productions. I like to think I know at least one or two things about burlesque.

The one and only thing that I see time and time again with burlesque is the amount of bollocks people teach to get the cash in. I have no qualms with people making a buck but dont profess to teach burlesque when you cant spell it right, have no clue on it’s history and worst of all have appalling caveats on your students such as:

No headlining above the teacher at any show.

All performances outside of class must be vetoed by the teacher.

Dont attend classes of burlesque anywhere else.

I want to say this is actual bollocks but I kid you not, I have been shown a contract some students were made to sign before undertaking any classes with a certain teacher. Get to fuck with your dictatorship.

I have seen teachers proclaim they have a burlesque qualification. Let me explain it to you:


Anyone who says they have one…well er…yeah. Bullshit.

Ok so some teachers have their own self recognising qualification. They mean pretty much that you have entered into their line of teaching but it is only to teach within their style and not recognised outside of their classes. So you cant really go set up independent classes away from it and expect that qualification to actually hold some sway. Some of these qualifications are better than others if they can actually teach you something about the history but if all you learn is wafting about with a boa or humping a chair…yeah. You arent teaching much. Look for teachers who actually want you to learn the history of burlesque, show you skills and encourage development. Its should never be ‘my way or the high way’. Thats not burlesque.

Your teacher doesnt have to be a headliner or even a current performer. They need only to actually know about burlesque. All aspects. Not all are proficient in all areas of burlesque but a good teacher knows their craft on all levels. Before you part with money, actually quiz them and research! You are going to a teacher to learn, go to the right teacher.

Dont be fooled by sparkly sites or swanky claims. Burlesque is more than rhinestones and Dita. Its much much much more.

Interested in a class be that private or group, get in contact with me.

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