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The World Is Changing

Hello lovelies,

How the devil are we all? I hope unlike me that none of you are suffering from an awful migraine. I honestly dont know where this bad boy came from. I was having the most wonderful time performing at the Fling Festival with the talented beauties of Lydia Darling (fire breathing sex pot), Honey Wilde ( the love child of satire and sass) Beatrix von Bourbon (a heady cocktail of sex, sophistication and naughty) and the stud muffin Mat Ricardo (extremely talented, funny and so so so cute). Then out of no where like a silent fart this thing crept up and knocked my head and partially my vision with one stinker of a migraine. I actually had to leave the festival as soon as my performance was done. Today I am off to a meeting with the migraine slightly diminished but has now swapped impaired vision for nose bleeds. Gosh who said my life isnt glamorous!?

SO what have I been doing since I came back from Oz then?? Well obviously as mentioned above there was the Fling Festival, also the Armed Forces Day hosting and modelling sessions. But also some new developments in the Khandie realm…I have a very important meeting Tuesday in Shoreditch. You see I am sorting of branching out of burlesque and modelling. Trying my hand at something new to help stimulate my mind further and work more on my creativity. Sadly that is all I can say on this issue for now but I am sure on Tuesday I will tweet all about so if you are inclined then please feel free to follow me at

I am also developing some more merchandise with the help of the talented Haley Richardson who you may recall produced my circus photographs when I was in Canberra. So watch this space.

Not only have I been working on my own business but I also took the time out to help support a good friend and fabulous lady ‘ReeRee Rockette‘ who had sponsored a night at ChinaWhite in London to help promote her new makeup line Rockalily. The lady is a testiment to self belief and following your dreams. It was an honour to support her at the event. A fab time was had despite some random comments from local Chinawhite goers. I even dad danced in front of a member of the Balck Eyed Peas…so watch out for any dad dance moves in their next video. I think we inspired him! hahaha

The nest few days are going to be no less manic. I have so much to cram in before I head to Hull to perform at a very special wedding and also some modelling.

Anyway this migraine is annoying me and I am actually typing this in the reception at a certain studio in a certain part of town…i hate waiting. It wastes time so I figured this was a good time to write the blog. Economic with my time.


I look Amazonian! with the girls at Chinawhite. Photo from ReeRee Rockette!

from ReeRee Rockette. Me posing in my Vivian of Holloway dress at ChinaWhite. Whoop! Sorry for state of me...I had been dancing...

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