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With over 7 years of experience as both a performer, photograper, actor and model, Khandie is a highly sought after individual for teaching and training. With past clients including the WI, numerous festivals and radio shows and newspapers across the globe she is renown for her knowledge and delivery. She also provides workshops, artistic direction and mentoring to help the starlets of tomorrow. Whether its working out of her own studio or at specifically arranged workshops  as far reaching as Australia. With impeccable references, Khandie is a teacher who stands head and shoulders above the rest. Her burlesque classes are in high demand and her workshops sell out rapidly.

Workshops/Classes/Skills Available For Booking

Workshops For Performers and General

A variety of workshops and classes for the burlesque newcomer to the more advanced performer are available. Current examples of workshops on offer:

  • Stage Commandment & Audience Interaction: learn how to ‘own’ your stage and work the audience like a professional. Perfect polishing skill to take your routines to the next level.
  • Routine and Act Development: take an idea into a routine. Khandie will help you research your act and aid in the creation of a polished routine. Existing acts can be reworked into a new direction or improved.
  • Bump N Grind/Striptease/Fan Dancing/GoGo: a one on one skill workshop (group sessions also available) in a studio space with the video footage recorded to review for improvement. Perfect for hen parties too (separate packages apply).
  • The Business Of Burlesque – A sit down workshop covering aspects on how to make burlesque your business, covering marketing, branding, insurance and CVs. Also covers social media management. Now available via Skype and FaceTime also.

Costings available on application. Other skills can be added  at request. These can be arranged in the comfort of your own home, via Skype, at my studios or a suitable venue.

Workshops For Hen Parties/Birthdays/Individuals

Khandie is also available to teach smaller burlesque classes for hen parties, birthdays or in a one-to-one class for the more discerning of clients. Costings available on application. These can be arranged in the comfort of your own home, at my studio or a suitable venue. Props can be provided. Please also note that classes can be same sex/mixed sex. Prices available on application. Though based in Northampton, Khandie covers the UK wide.

Professional Development

Khandie is available for private one to one mentoring and coaching covering a range of performing , modelling and self-promotional techniques and styles. Costings available on application. These can be arranged in the comfort of your own home, at my studio, a suitable location or via Skype by arrangement.

Marketing/Internet Presence

Does the world of the internet terrify you? Is your business lacking an internet presence or perhaps your need helping using social media to its full potential. Khandie can provide a simple but informative class on how to gain an internet presence as well as the use of social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These can be arranged in the comfort of your own home, at my office or a suitable venue. The opportunity to Skype the session is also available.

Artistic Direction

Need an informed experienced eye on set? On set or on location artistic direction from a performer who knows her craft. Also available to arrange photoshoots and video showreel production as well as artiste booking.

Public Speaking/Lecturing

Khandie has  a wealth of knowledge and experience in the world of burlesque from its historical past to its modern day resurgence. Her delivery is informative, fun and engaging. As a highly sought after motivational speaker on burlesque and body confidence, Khandie excells at public speaking. Past clients have been the WI, international radio shows in Australia and published authors. Columns and articles published worldwide and shared regularly throughout the burlesque and mainstream communities.

Body Confidence & Self Esteem

Khandie is a very vocal speaker for empowering generations of men and women with body confidence and self esteem that they are missing. Using research from industry professionals, recognised techniques and her wealth of knowledge, Khandie creates a friendly atmosphere to unlock the confidence we often hid away. These workshops are incredibly popular and work using presentation, group activities and knowledge.


If you are interested in booking a class/lesson or arrange a workshop before a show that Khandie is appearing at please get in contact. Please be sure to specify your location and preferred dates. I can also be booked directly in London and surrounding areas via Burlesque Baby.

Khandie is currently located near Northampton but does do classes the UK over.


‘Khandie had us all eating out of her proverbial palm…sending us home enlightened with a new-found sway in our hips.’ –  Dalston Darlings WI (Guest Speaker/Teacher)

‘Khandie came into the class and was from the pose to posture the ultimate teacher….dazzeling and extremely wonderful….left feeling better than ever and ready to entice the world’ – Mrs Wright (Class participant)

‘Fabulous lady who shows you that no matter what your size you can rock the world and rock it well. Highly recommended’ – Miss Batt (Confidence Building class participant)

‘Hilarious woman who specially created my hen do class. Loved it and made the whole day perfect. Recommend her highly. Been to a few classes but she knows her stuff.Accept no immitations and all that. ‘ – Mrs Robertson (Hen party class)

‘She made my hen party from brilliant to OUT OF THIS WORLD! She is a legend! Superb teaching ability who cracked jokes to put us all at ease and offered helpful tips and guidance!’  – Mrs Gardner (Hen party class)

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