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Working With Friends Is Never Hardwork

For those who are regular followers of my various social networking profiles (facebook and twitter mainly) you will know I had a shoot with 612 Media with the adorable beauties of The Vanity Box assisting with all manners of hair and make up this weekend. Sometimes photoshoots can be come quite hardwork but something about working with friends makes it just that little less ‘hard work’ and more a giggle fest. Poor team…poor Mark (of 612 Media).

The main concept of the shoot and the short film footage shot was based on film noir. Given that make up for black and white footage is different to make up for colour film I am told and my diva like mind set (hahaha) I decided we needed professionals onboard so I whisked the Vanity Box girls away from London in my banana yellow clown car to sunny Bournemouth. If you get a chance to work with the ladies I highly recommend them. I literally went from pasty white dead corpse look alike to film noir chic worthy of a Hitchcock film in a few moments.

Mark and his lovely team of assistants (Chris, Laura and his lovely wife Sarah) came together to shoot an truly awesome set of images and film footage. It felt great to exercise my ‘acting’ skills as well as moving away from the traditional pinup style of shoots I sometimes seem to be inundated with.

I wont share the main images just yet as that’s for later. For now enjoy these behind the scenes shots from Sarah who is an artist in her own right with her work being displayed in Angel underground station at the moment. Her website is just a small sample of her fabulous work.

All images belong to 612 Media unless otherwise stated so no copying!

This isnt the first time I have worked with the talented 612 Media. I have been continually impressed with Mark’s ability to turn this sow’s ear (moi) into a silk purse of sorts. I am always excited to work with some one so creative and open to suggestions as well as understanding how I am as a person. <3 you! Read about my previous shoot with Mark and 612 Media here.


Copyright 612 media... corpsing....ha

Copyright 612 Media.


Gemma of Vanity Box (Makeup)

Verity of Vanity Box (hair)

copyright 612 media. Filming....

crappy phone camera shot of me resting between shots. Not grumpy despite what this image looks like x

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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