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Without Passion

Sat in the audience, you know the performers who love what they do, and those simply going through the motions. Dont mistake this for nerves as a lot of the time this is the case. Its the vacant smiles, the slightly lack lustre movements and possibly the whole approach they have. As an often promoter and event organiser, nothing grates on me more than late performers who care not to apologise but are quick to demand payment. My exmilitary ways mean I like to keep as much to a timetable as possible and every performer from fledgeling to headliner gets the attention they need, so lateness for no good reason does not sit well with me.

But I digress.

To perform without passion is like watching magnolia paint on stage. You may be decked out in the most dazzling of costumes with rhinestones pouring out your glittery arse hole but if you lack the gusto then its the equivalent of a zoo enclosure with no animal. All the stuff is there but nothing on show. It also speaks volumes about you I am afraid. I thought it was just my high and mighty mentality that made me think the way I do regarding this but I asked around to get more responses if only to balance my argument. It is also worthwhile to note that there could be a variety of reasons not to be passionate when performing as highlighted below:

  1. You are a twat (thanks to my mom for that one!)
  2. You are there purely for the money.
  3. You are too tired to care.
  4. You could be ill but then why not cancel?!
  5. You have been doing the act too long and now feel disconnected from it.
  6. Possible injury may be preventing you but then you should have cancelled or done a different act?

If you arent feeling it then perhaps you should not be performing it? I take acts off my repertoire when I feel bored of them. Sometimes I work on them and they eventually work their way back on to my list of acts. Sometimes they are simply thrown away or taken in a new direction. I adhere to the rule: if I dont feel it, I dont perform it. It’s simple.

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