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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Followers of this blog or my Twitter…hell even my Facebook will know that I am a huge fan of photographer Mitch Jenkins. I have been a fan of his and Paul Chessell since we all worked together on the Dodgem Logic front cover for Alan Moore. Blog about it is here! The man is a top photographer and his team are amazing. Paul is such a darling who cracks me up constantly. Mitch and I are terribly bad behaved whenever together.

Copright Mitch Jenkins/Dodgem Logic

Copyright Mitch Jenkins/Dodgem Logic. The cover!

Copyright Mitch Jenkins/Dodgem Logic...thats me across the front!

Well a short while ago I worked with him again…I blogged it naturally here. Until recently I havent really seen the results. That was until today…

Here is a teaser shot. Please note that this is Mitch’s photo so no copying and using etc!

COpyright Mitch Jenkins

Copyright Mitch Jenkins

A link to Mitch’s blog post is here: MITCH JENKINS BLOG

Something wicked and new comes from Khandie and the Mitch Jenkins empire…I am excited to see the results. More shoots with his lordship to do!

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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