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Wedding Photography Mania

I have always had such respect for wedding photographers. The pressure of ensuring someone’s wedding photography is perfect is intense. I have often felt it was one step too far for me but something that I do like is being the ‘second shooter’.I get to capture the emotions and hidden treasures of the wedding and their guests. The candid and un-posed shots are sometimes the most sentimental.

My first wedding as second shooter was booked with James Thorpe. James is a personal friend but also a photographer who has taught me so much. I adore him. Being allowed to accompany him on a client shoot is an honour and something I am most grateful for.


The cheeky bridesmaids

I adored that first wedding and since then have worked as second shooter on a total of 7 weddings. These have ranged from the smaller more intimate weddings to a multi million pound wedding with celeb guests. Each wedding has taught me so much and now I am being specially booked a second shooter by other photographers and clients alike.
I have now ventured into being the main photographer, specialising is the more relaxed, candid type of imagery. I am proud I took the step into the driving seat and I love it though I won’t give up being a second shooter as I love it so much.
Weddings are magical and so amazing. I love and am honoured at being part of them.
Here are some of my images.

Grand piano at a reception
About capturing the little details.
People unaware.
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