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Watersports….oh I say matron!!!

I will admit that despite the title this blog is not about the rather sordid affair of watersports of the sexually perverse type….I instead am refering to my recent underwater rehearsals, hot tub antics and general debauchery that has now become standard of a Khandie weekend.

Saturday saw me performing for my first ever Dr Sketchy’s in London ( I have done others). What a cracking venue!!! I mean honestly the Old Queen’s Head on the Essex Road is stunning. Claire who runs the whole thing is a dream to work with and I am already looking forward to coming back. It was the little touches that I liked about this event. By that I dont mean that Claire touched me up or anything (chance would be a fine thing hahaha the girl is cute!) but she offers pens/pencils/paper to all who arrive so they dont need to panic if they forgot. A true host thinks of these things.

Dr Sketchy's London...the stage..SWOON!

I had a great time modelling especially with the rather hot Luke…hubber hubber. Sadly I dont have any images of him to flaunt at you…but trust me that boy is damn fine. Damn damn damn fine. There was no hardship posing for 10mins with my head on his lap let me tell you. Calm down KK…..

After the show though I had to hightail it off to my lovely mate Nikki (who incidently runs www.NikitaSablier.net). You see this luscious lady was celebrating her birthday I am sure she said it was her 21st…thats right…isnt it? Though admittedly I dont think Nikki will ever grow up which is one of her many charms. the whole event was like meeting up with old mates as upon my arrival all people from my modelling assignments (photographers and fellow models) were there. Was a really funny evening with much antics taking place in the hot tub. No not in that porno kind of way. One of the highlights was two rather ‘brave’ men donning bikinis to join us in the pool…. hairy bums and backs (GROSS) on display!

Hot Tubing With the Jones' well sort of.

 The party was a smash…lots of naughty photos of drunk people. I was a good girl. I had a shoot/rehearsal next day so no drinky poosies :(So….after crawling out of bed at stupid o’clock in the morning…ok more mid morning but Matt Miller refused to make me a cup of tea instead making me suffer the awful brew that some adolescent (ok so he was 22) made me….it was awful. YUCK! Cue me stealing bacon from the bacon sandiches that Geetee had made and before I knew it I was on my way to Aylesbury.

The lovely people at Scubaducks had offered me the chance to use their scuba training pool to rehearse my commissioned underwater mermaid/watersprite act. Along with Baron from Immortal Eye Photography we started some basic warm up exercises…and then (near) disaster…how can I put this… you see I have a fairly large chest on me and trying to stay under the water deep enough to rehearse was impossible.

My mammories/tits/boobs/chest-icles/bazookas/top bollocks/puppies were proving to be good floation devices. Oh there’s a salute to Mae West whos name was used as a nickname to life saving vests back in the day…. So after 3 kilos (!) of lead shot were added to keep me down (hahahaha) rehearsals could get under way. Though firstly I needed to get used to the water its self….needless to say alot more rehearsals are needed….and thankfully Scubaducks are more that accommodating! Thank you guys I owe you!

Safety checks! note the belt..thanks boobs! 3 kilos FFS!

Boobs! Warm up exercises....honest

Boobs..,..I adore my For Luna swimsuit!

 FYI if you like my swimsuit its from For Luna…perfect pinup! So go buy it! I have it in red…black and leopard print.

Next rehearsal will see some more experiements with movement under the water so hopefully I will have video footage to show you…heres hoping at least.

Right now I am in Bournemouth this weekend. Off to see my friends and watch a burlesque show (Teasy Pleasy). My mates Glory Pearl, Vie, Sensu’Elle and Paul are all performing in various capacities so should be a great night. Will no doubt blog and abuse photos for you all later.

Ciao! Off to paint my nails ready for tonight…oh the glamour! hahaha

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