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Tour Endex

This is me sat in a cold terminal in Sydney. Thats right I said cold. Not only does Australia love its air con but they love it cold. Didnt realise this as I stupidly thought Oz was warm but nope this tour took place in the winter. Now this isnt winter like it is in the UK…think 15 degrees or so which isnt too bad but the buggers havent adjusted their air con temp accordingly so bbbrrrr.

Darwin was warm with an average temp of 28 degrees so I got some warm weather. No rain as such fell on me my entire tour but I heard that it was always right behind me as I moved from town to town. Lucky for me then.

As I sit here attempting to ignore the hairy eared American man who seems to be intent on making lewd comments to me I am already planning my return to the land down under. I have had an absolute blast despite some issues along the way. I have made friends with some spectacular people and also seen some amazing burlesque. I have however fallen in love with Melbourne. This was the one place on the tour that I never felt isolated walking about. It buzzed like London and yet was warmer…it seemed logically laid out somehow and ever so familiar.

I am not sure if I will be back for the Australian Burlesque Festival as that is down to the organisers. I would love to though. I am thinking of coming back and trying the circuit some more as well as modelling. I worked with some amazing photographers whilst I have been here and cant wait to see the results and/or do it all again.

If anything this tour has been a real eye opener for me so whilst it has once again established my international performer status (and lets be honest you cant get much further international than the other side of the world), it has also inspired me. For the first time ever I performed a ‘straight’ striptease and loved it. I had one of those coveted moments of epiphany when you realise THIS is what it is meant to feel like. I felt it…over and over again each time I performed it. So whilst career wise coming out here was beneficial so was it personally and creatively.

My goal for the remainder of this year is to travel more outside the UK with my burlesque and also develop acts that explore the other areas of my Khandie Khisses character. Lets be honest with ourselves shall we…with no day job now as I am full time KK I will get bored otherwise. Somehow sitting on my arse watching Jeremy Kyle doesnt appeal.

So in true original style (not): watch this space

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