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Tighter! Pull Tighter!

After being rescued by the lovely Huw-J (http://www.hayenastudios.com/) from a dinner function, it was nice to be able to relax and have a laugh with a guy who despite his smutty comments is a good one. We sat and debated the world in all its trivial details whilst downing syrupy Belgium chocolate. He was a good sounding board for me to discuss some issues that have been bugging me of late as he could be very frank with me. To quote the great man ‘just do it’. I like the way he doesn’t mix his words. Its like me but bald, shorter etc etc. Hee hee Love you Huw-J.

The morning saw me up early and buddled into my car to drive to arse end of England to Lowesoft. Not somewhere I usually go but there is one amazing lady who resides there. Now when I say amazing I mean BLOODY amazing. This wonderful woman creates all my costumes and believe me when I say no request/idea I have had yet has scared her or made her doubt me. I do love when you have a great creative team dont you? Lynn runs/owns/operates http://www.vintagelynndyloo.co.uk A talented lady who I am almost ashamed to say I have not seen in such a long time so the catch up was both professionally and personally required.

The plan of attack for the day was to nail down my latest costume requirements plus do a few fittings for some costumes already in production namely my commissioned underwater mermaid act and my latest showstopper number. From the moment I arrived Lynn and I were in giggles. We seem to work so well together, bouncing off ideas and coming up with crazier and crazier concepts. This sort of relationship is essential when you are creating costumes together and I cant imagine working with anyone else.

I was immensely overexcited to see the mono-fin and fabric that would eventually become my mermaid costume. This act has been a serious labour of love with underwater rehearsals graciously provided by a local scuba club (http://www.scubaducks.co.uk) and captured in its slow progress by Baron. So with Lynn making the costume the act was going to be sensational…provided I dont muck it up. 

Like I said I was excited by the fin…as the video link shows:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2wEAtLjLBc Apologies for it being sideways. I forgot to flip it when I uploaded it. I am such a muppet. I love the fin though….hee hee

Fin-tastic (to quote my friend Tempest Devyne)

Lynn had created a toile for me to try on as we (well she is…) are re-creating my Baby of the Blitz corset as its now very tired and somewhat unfit to use now.

Toile without the steel boning....

excuse the goofy smile n lack of make up...Toile now with steel boning and laced

Lacing it in was hysterical though…cue video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhYpvOBbqzU You can even spot the lovely lady herself in this one.

Anyway it was a late night and I didn’t get home until very late. So naturally I am rather tired this morning. Despite my grouchy mood (and if you follow me on Twitter you will notice I was this morning so sorry and oops) I have been hard at work already…

So I guess this concludes this blog entry for the while. I am sure I will be able to blog again a few more times before Christmas but if I dont…Merry Christmas and happy holidays (to all those who dont celebrate Christmas).



PS Loving The Stalker pt 1 from Frankie Popp Ensemble…Makes me think a possible act is in order…. In fact the whole album is pretty impressive.

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