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Wedding Photography Mania

I have always had such respect for wedding photographers. The pressure of ensuring someone’s wedding photography is perfect is intense. I have often felt it was one step too far for me but something that I do like is being the ‘second shooter’.I get to capture the emotions and hidden treasures of the wedding and
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Private Performance – Wedding, Bath

Performing at a private wedding in Bath.

Hollywood Glitz – Pinewood Hotel

Well that is another weekend come and gone. I had planned to take the entire month of January and plotting some big things that I have some what admittedly been putting off for a while.  But you know me by now right? I mean I am a work-aholic. SO in my month off I have
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A Yorkshire Shindig

Well here I am sat once again in Doncaster Station due to a delayed train…I was delayed for an hour here before on my way to Driffield due to a driver looking at a steam train (he even admitted to it!) and now I am delayed on my way back. Driffield I hear you say?!
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Wedding Performance, Hull

Khandie is performing at a wedding in Hull and is unavailable for the day.

Blah Fashion 3

Firstly….I got bored documenting my outfits for this blog entry so decided to recount my trip down the eclecticly fashionable Brick Lane. After a truly hard week for a variety of reasons my wonderful friend Sara decided a trip to Brick Lane was in order. Who am I to say no? I love wondering about
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Welcome to the show!

Google+  Khandie Khisses ‘The Tornado’ Burlesque Performer. Photographer. Fire Performer. Mermaid ‘Queen of Burlesque’ – and Fixe Magazine ‘Biggest name in burlesque’ – Birmingham Comedy Festival ‘Burlesque powerhouse.’ – SLiNK Magazine ‘ONE of vaudeville’s top international stars’ – Bridgewater Mercury ‘…superb on every level a burlesque performer should be.’ – Liverpool Tattoo Convention Top 50 Burlesque Stars of
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Dubbed ‘Queen of Burlesque’ by numerous publications and voted regularly into the Top Stars of Burlesque in World (2009, 2010 , 2011 and 2012 consecutively) and then also Top UK Performer of 2013 and 2014, Khandie Khisses is the unstoppable tornado whose talents far exceed that of her burlesque skills. She is already an international published photographer
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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