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Yes that hurt….

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ENTRY HAS SINCE BEEN EDITTED FROM THE ORIGINAL.   Recently a relatively harmless interview was conducted by the local newspaper ‘Bucks Herald’ regarding my forthcoming movie role. You can read the whole article here. Yes probably not the mostĀ ground breakingĀ of articles but then its not the most likely of stories for
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Well I am addicted, rather pathetically, to Twitter. It has both the ability to be an amazing networking tool but also alas the diary you share with the world. I ‘follow’ so many people who interest me for one reason or another. It might be from a professional or even a personal reason I feel
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Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins Filming To Begin!

Well it was made official aka public knowledge last night at the Dodgem Logic reading/panel/sermon of all things Moore and Nothampton that the Mitch Jenkins/Alan Moore film colloboration will start filming August…and yes you guessed it I am on the cast! I am well I cant divulge too much as its both rude and disrespectful
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Quiffs and Cocktails

Ok so this is a bit late…I humbly apologise. Ok I dont because its my blinking blog so I can post as and when I feel the need. Given that it was a somewhat subdued weekend wheere i spent a great deal rhinestoning various garments I have little to write about. I did however have
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Bedtime Stories A La Twitter

A few nights ago when yet another bout of insomnia gripped me I decided to see what entertainment ye olde Twitter could bring me. After a half hearted plea for someone to tell me a story involving knights and dragons, some fine fellow stepped up. That fine fellow was a new follower of mine who
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Tighter! Pull Tighter!

After being rescued by the lovely Huw-J ( from a dinner function, it was nice to be able to relax and have a laugh with a guy who despite his smutty comments is a good one. We sat and debated the world in all its trivial details whilst downing syrupy Belgium chocolate. He was a
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Feet Up

So this was the weekend that I spent my time relaxing. Not one show performed at. A nice change and a quick look on twitter showed I wasnt the only performer taking it easy that weekend. I spent alot of it doing random errands round the house and doing some mooching about the place where
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