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Yes that hurt….

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS ENTRY HAS SINCE BEEN EDITTED FROM THE ORIGINAL.   Recently a relatively harmless interview was conducted by the local newspaper ‘Bucks Herald’ regarding my forthcoming movie role. You can read the whole article here. Yes probably not the most¬†ground breaking¬†of articles but then its not the most likely of stories for
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Well I am addicted, rather pathetically, to Twitter. It has both the ability to be an amazing networking tool but also alas the diary you share with the world. I ‘follow’ so many people who interest me for one reason or another. It might be from a professional or even a personal reason I feel
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Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins Filming To Begin!

Well it was made official aka public knowledge last night at the Dodgem Logic reading/panel/sermon of all things Moore and Nothampton that the Mitch Jenkins/Alan Moore film colloboration will start filming August…and yes you guessed it I am on the cast! I am well I cant divulge too much as its both rude and disrespectful
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Quiffs and Cocktails

Ok so this is a bit late…I humbly apologise. Ok I dont because its my blinking blog so I can post as and when I feel the need. Given that it was a somewhat subdued weekend wheere i spent a great deal rhinestoning various garments I have little to write about. I did however have
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Bedtime Stories A La Twitter

A few nights ago when yet another bout of insomnia gripped me I decided to see what entertainment ye olde Twitter could bring me. After a half hearted plea for someone to tell me a story involving knights and dragons, some fine fellow stepped up. That fine fellow was a new follower of mine who
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Tighter! Pull Tighter!

After being rescued by the lovely Huw-J ( from a dinner function, it was nice to be able to relax and have a laugh with a guy who despite his smutty comments is a good one. We sat and debated the world in all its trivial details whilst downing syrupy Belgium chocolate. He was a
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Feet Up

So this was the weekend that I spent my time relaxing. Not one show performed at. A nice change and a quick look on twitter showed I wasnt the only performer taking it easy that weekend. I spent alot of it doing random errands round the house and doing some mooching about the place where
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