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Wise Words… – Burlesque Article

Sometimes I am called upon to write articles/columns for various publications as well as my usual articles with 21st Century Burlesque Online (and my own blogs). Well recently I was contacted by Tuesday Laveau to write a follow on piece for Coochie Crunch. The piece was for newcomers to the burlesque scene who are looking
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Bath Time

Ok so despite what the title of this blog says this is not about me splashing about in the bath. Admittedly that idea is somewhat appealing given how achy I am right now. I think I need to rest up. I have bruises and sore joints. EEKK am I getting old? This weekend saw meĀ scamperingĀ off
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Bobbing Along…

Blinking heck. That was a marathon of a few days by anyone’s standards. I have worked out I have spent approximately 18 hours travelling in the last four days. First was to Hastings…ahh the wonderful world of Hastings to perform at House of Sin. Domino Burlesk and Lady Severine had hired me to perform at
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