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Like A Fish Out Of Water

Sometime ago a client came to me and commissioned a special act. Now being the rather up for it lass that I am,  I accepted the gig…but without thinking it through too much. Surely a mermaid act performed underwater wasnt going to be too difficult right? WRONG. Thankfully this wasnt a burlesque act as such
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Mirror, Mirror….On The Wall

Hey… Some new images to show off! No copying as you know its wrong! Let me know what you think. These were taken in a huge Edwardian style house with one hell of ballroom/conference room…the mantle was high up but with the help of a wonderful team the images are pretty lovely. Very impressed with
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Blah Fashion 2

Well what can I say? Despite my initial reservations of posting about my supposed fashion sense being far too narcissistic and self indulgent it would appear that it was well received. Again the universe surprises me and again i pander to its demands. So here is the next installment of my wardrobe adventures in the
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Merch Me Up Khandie!

So New Year means new changes. First change to happen was to finally knuckle down and sort out my merchandising. With a lot of plans in the pipeline I have finally started to see examples. The first to arrive was from the wonderful Love Hetty and Dave! This company own the cutest of shops in
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World Record Attempt Attempted

What a day!? I have sore feet and face from dancing and smiling so much. Arriving early at the famous 8 Northumberland Avenue Hotel with its decandent surroundings it was an obvious choice for the burlesque world record attempt. I was quietly ushered into a pretty opulant ballroom in which the dancers would carry out
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Valentine’s Day Burlesque Ball, Bristol

The first Vegas Valentine will be held on Sunday 13th February between 4pm and midnight. The show will be starting early at 5pm. The burlesque shows will be high end classy shows with plenty of tease and no sleaze. Performances by: Venus Noir The Folly Dollies Tuesday Laveau Penny Bizarre. The show will be held
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‘St Valentines Day Masquerade’ – House of Sin, Hastings.

Khandie will be performing as the special guest at House of Sin in Hastings for their ‘St Valentines Day Masquerade’. Show starts at 8pm. From the 12th of February 2011, the HOUSE of SIN will be hosting a series decadent burlesque and cabaret parties in Hastings at the UPSTAIRS at FLAIRZ and also at North
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Bye Bye 2010! Ding Dong 2011!!!

Hey all, So thats the end of 2010…there it goes out the window. Normally I would look back and think what would I change…what would I have made better?? But this year I am not going to. Looking back I have realised I have come such a long way in just 12 months.  It appears
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Tighter! Pull Tighter!

After being rescued by the lovely Huw-J ( from a dinner function, it was nice to be able to relax and have a laugh with a guy who despite his smutty comments is a good one. We sat and debated the world in all its trivial details whilst downing syrupy Belgium chocolate. He was a
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Roman Lords

I have been quite the busy rabbit of late…actually more like bambi the amount of times I have fallen on my arse in the ice. I do a very good butt slide now… I wonder if I could make it part of an act. *ponders the stupidiest act idea I have had in a while*
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