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Saying No in Burlesque…and life for that matter

I manage on the social media forums one group that is for PAID Burlesque Jobs. The key is PAID. Yet time and time again my cursor has to hit the ‘delete’ button next to posts who dont realise/care/give a f about the rules of posting on this group. Ultimately PAID. Seems so strange that unpaid
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How Do I Manage It All?

So often people seem taken aback as to how much I manage to fit into my days. To be honest I dont even tell you the most of it. The key I found to self employment is to diversify yourself and your time. Not only do you remain motivated, you also keep yourself open to
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A Step Back Is A Step Forward

It is not often we see a step back as a step forward. Just over 6 months ago I stepped back into the full time employment of a day job and side stepped out of my self employment. Not entirely but enough to keep my hand (or should I say tassels) in but not so
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