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Its seems this week has been sponsored by the film industry. As its officially out there I can finally say I am in the new Alan Moore film. I wont go into too much detail but with Alan, Mitch and Pete at the healm this is going to spectacular. My nerves are already in overdrive.
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Off to see The Peacocks and Release The Bats, High Wycombe

Off to a gig….come along! Facebook event page (opens new window) The Nags Head proudly presents In ‘THE BLUES LOFT” THE PEACOCKS Considered one of the the best Punk-Rockabilly bands around. Having been around for 15 years or so. They’re cool. They look good. And they love what they do! (Just like the audience).
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Oh Arr My Luuvver

Well thats me back from an epic trip to my birth county of Devon. God how I miss it’s red soil. Yes its true the soil turns a reddy colour in Devon due to the minerals in it. Whilst the train journey like any other was too hot…too long and too crowded the end result
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