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The Khandie Klub – Secklow Sounds Radio

Khandie is hosting her radio show on Secklow Sounds on Tuesdays from 9pm. Want your music featured? email MP3 to Listen again to the show here:

Khandie Khisses – Radio Show

Its official! Its really happening. I am going back to radio…this time with my own show. The wonderful Mike from Secklow Sounds has kindly offered me my own radio show. Scheduled to be on Tuesday nights at 9pm, it will be aimed at bringing diverse music from the festival, cabaret and local scene. Innovation and
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Radio Interview – Harry and Edna

Yesterday (6th Feb) I found myself at the Old Refectory in Milton Keynes to appear on Secklow Sounds for the wonderful Harry and Edna show. Normally when I get invited onto do a radio interview I find myself having to defend my career choice. That can not be said for the Harry and Edna show.
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On Air – BBC Three Counties Radio

I was recently invited into the studios of BBC Three Counties radio to talk all things burlesque and Khandie Khisses. Nick Coffer (the presenter) and the lovely Emma (his assistant) were a delight to talk to and meet. You can here me waffling about 2.00.00 on the iPlayer. Click here to listen again.  

Appearance on BBC 3 Counties Radio

I have been invited to spend some time talking on air to Nick Coffer on BBC Radio 3 Counties from abour 1345hrs. Rather excited. You can listen via the radio 95.5FM, 103.8FM and 104.5FM or online here:  

Shoreditch Radio

Hello lovelies, Thought I would let ya’ll know about my blabbering being on Shoreditch Radio last night. The delightful darling Rubyyy Jones has recently acquired her own show and she kindly asked if I would offer my vocal chords to explaining why I chose my burlesque name. I encourage you listen to the entire show
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Falling In Love With Vintage Radio

Often I find myself scouring the internet for radio shows that beat to a different drum than the likes of Radio 1. With the internet opening a whole new different world I stumbled across Radio Vintage! Its all rather lovely over there. Whilst a lot of radio shows seem to have overload the listener with
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On Air Baby!

Whilst in Australia I gave a short interview to a very easy on the eye lady. Her name Meagon Fitton and she is a presenter on East Side 89.7 FM. This Sydney based station is a great one as it covers the hustle and bustle of the creative world. You can listen to the interview
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Relaxing…of sorts

Despite my every intention of having a relaxing week it seemed it was simply not be. I worked hard all week only to start to feel poorly towards the end of it. A sure sign of things to come… One bright perk was a huge bouquet of flowers being delivered to my home though midweek which
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