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Some of you may or may not know that I am quite the avid photographer and recently have really gotten back into it. I already have people wanting to shoot with me which is blinking marvellous. Not to mention a publication in the states wishing to showcase some of my work and N Photo magazine
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Follow my blog with Bloglovin   Hello…this is me relaxing, well awake at 1.20am on a Sunday typing blogs as much as that is relaxing. To be honest after spending over 12 hours traveling to various gigs, these last few days has been hell on the body, fabulous for the soul and overdosing on glitter. I’ve
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Khandie The Photographer!?

Some of you may or not know that I often dabble in photography. I have even had one of my images of Whitby Abbey published. As well as using digital (favouring Nikon sorry Canon) but I also use 120 film with the occasional 35mm.  Anyway I thought I would share my images with you. All are copyrighted
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Some of you may know I love old cameras. I mean REALLY love them. I collect them. My favourite has to be TLR Yashica 635 at the moment. So recently I popped along to get some films developed…having been encouraged by the lovely John Henry Cosby. You can see his own photography here: So
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