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Burlesque Photography at Events or Shows

So often I see people posting about how they like or dont like photography taken of them performing at events or shows in burlesque. I mean aside from the obvious point that capturing an object in movement is hard to capture. Secondly its about where the photographer is positioned. I mean seriously…sticking them right at
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Promo Images

Promo images are the photographs you send to promoters and clients along with your CV to entice them to book you. Promoters tend to use them on the show posters, so you need to be aware of what rights you have on the images. Generally speaking you will have promotional rights only: the images can
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Khandie Khisses Photography Takes Off

My photography for so long has been on the most part, a secret love of mine. I was never brave enough to show off my work and namely because the thought of someone brutalising it would destroy what little confidence I have in my skills. Of late I have however gained in confidence. I have
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Khandie is photographing a client all day.

The Photography Show – Birmingham NEC

Today I hightailed it with the Immortaleye Photography team to Birmingham NEC to attend The Photography Show. I do love a good trade show and having been to a few and left feeling somewhat disappointed with the lack of equipment (tending to be more photo album heavy), I had high expectations of the show. HUGE
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Not often I get to spout about being published for my other work. For many years I have been silently working on my photography. Admittedly I have lacked confidence in my abilities and was it not for the gentle guidance of my friends such as Nils Bratby, Baron Bratby, James Thorpe and John Henry I
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I work often as a photographer. Whilst 90% of my shoots are client paid, I very seldom get to work on images for my own portfolio. Add this to my extensive diary requirements and general lack of free time, I managed to squeeze in two shoots this weekend. BOY was I glad I did. With
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A Step Back Is A Step Forward

It is not often we see a step back as a step forward. Just over 6 months ago I stepped back into the full time employment of a day job and side stepped out of my self employment. Not entirely but enough to keep my hand (or should I say tassels) in but not so
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Wedding Photography Mania

I have always had such respect for wedding photographers. The pressure of ensuring someone’s wedding photography is perfect is intense. I have often felt it was one step too far for me but something that I do like is being the ‘second shooter’.I get to capture the emotions and hidden treasures of the wedding and
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Photography – New Images

  I have been a busy bee lovelies. The Khandie Khisses brand is not merely about my burlesque. Some of you may already have attended shows I have helped produce/curate but more and more I am working as a model and photographer. Photography has been a huge part of my life as a child. I
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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