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Swansea Performance

Swansea I am coming for you!

Khandie Khisses – 2013 In Review

Here I take time out to review 2013 for me as a person, performer and creative. Love Khandie xxx  

Milton Keynes Massive

Well who would have thought it!? I performed in my new ‘home town’ of Milton Keynes…yeah the land of concrete cows and roundabouts. Whilst I had moved here originally for a job I was doing, once that finished I have stayed and found it to be a great place if only for location. M1 that
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Under The Skin Tattoo Magazine – Khandie Khisses

Who doesnt love a good old interview? Especially when its with everyone’s favourite burlesque performer and all round good gal Khandie? Well new Under The Skin Tattoo magazine has produced a whole two page spread article with Khandie Khisses. Whats more is that it is a FREE read!

28 Sep – Club Paradis, Chapel Art Centre,Bath

Performing back in Bath again! Gotta love that place! Buy tickets here

21 Sep – Hedna’s Vintage Cabaret, Milton Keynes.

The Hedna’s team will be recreating another classic form of entertainment as they recreate a vintage ‘variety club’. The evening will still retain the essence of Hednas the Vintage Nightclub as Hedna’s Vintage Cabaret becomes your passport to an age of style and fashion as you experience a variety of entertainment our 21st century world
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Private Performance – Wedding, Bath

Performing at a private wedding in Bath.

Shhh Burlesque – Bridgwater, Somerset

Fire Performing – Dancing with the Flame

It has been a number of years since I performed fire dancing with fans poi or even wands. I gave it up after seeing a terrible accident. It was silly really. I knew the moment I handed my fire fans over to another performer for free I would regret it. Recently I bit the bullet
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Freemasons and Burlesque

Well if you had said to me a few months ago I would be performing for a lodge of the Freemasons I would have laughed…but when the booking came through I HAD to do it. I mean who isnt just a little nosey about the notoriously secretive world of the Freemasons. Sadly there were no
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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