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No You Are NOT Giving To Charity

I realise how click baity that title is but I have a good reason. I am seeing an increase more and more in charity fund raising shows appealing for performers. Most are asking for the performer to work ultimately free so that more money is made for the charity. Or so you think. Firstly let
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Performance 19th Sept – Yeovil

Details TBC

I Stood Alone

Tonight I stood on a stage and heard my name bellowed out from the dark. The audience already on their feet and clapping. Tonight I cried on stage. It may have only been a private gig, a small gig but I never felt more alone and more surrounded at the same time. I dont want
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Fire Frolics

I have spoken previously of my return to fire performance. After over 6 years away it was something I knew I needed to to approach professionals to get my skills up to scratch. First lesson was with the wonderful Red Sarah who helped me get back to grips with fire eating. Loved it. I have
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Performing – Maidstone

I am performing along side Dolly Rose, Hot Cake Kitty and the legendary Ivy Paige hosts. For info here :!upcoming-performances/cmtw

The Wonderland, Performance.

  for tickets to The Wonderland:

Halloween – Be Barb Burlesque, Northampton

Without Passion

Sat in the audience, you know the performers who love what they do, and those simply going through the motions. Dont mistake this for nerves as a lot of the time this is the case. Its the vacant smiles, the slightly lack lustre movements and possibly the whole approach they have. As an often promoter
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Window Performance, Nikita Sablier, Salisbury

Khandie Khisses from 5pm will be performing a fan dance in the main window of Nikita Sablier boutique in Salisbury. She will be available after for Q&As as well as photos. Merch will be on sale.

Lots to do and little time to do it

well this is it. The home run if you will. The final few days before I jet off to Australia. Before i shimmy and shake those tassels down under (i mean Australia you smutty lot!). I have so much to do. I have four more performances to deliver, packing to complete and a flat to
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