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Burlesque Classes

Here you will find all the current burlesque classes being taught by Khandie Khisses. 17th Feb 2018 – Body Shapes & Stage Movement. £40. Selby, Yorkshire

Burlesque Hen Party

An Amazing Way To Kick Off Your Hen Party! Khandie Khisses’s burlesque themed hen parties are a fabulous way to have an introduction to the awesome seductive world of burlesque and striptease. Let your showgirl shine and your inhibitions fall away. Khandie Khisses is an award winning burlesque performer and teaches you pinup posing, bump
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New Year’s Eve, Roadhouse Birmingham

Khandie is performing as an invited performer for the Roadhouse! Burlesque in Birmingham. YEAH! You can get tickets here:

Teaching Burlesque Party

Khandie is teaching a burlesque birthday party.

Birthday Celebrations

So I am officially another year old. 21 years old before you ask…haha thats what I have been telling myself for the last few years at least. I have to say my wifey Sara arranged an awesome party for me with oodles of chums of mine to show up. I got very drunk…and it was
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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