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Diapers to Diamantes

I thought I would share some photos with you…to show how the ugly minger became a less ugly moose.   born on a wet day in Spring, little did the West Country know what would happen to this diaper diva…   My mom sure knew how to dress me to clash… I think I am
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Call To Arms – PicsForTroops!

My darling burlesque, cabaret and all you other talented lot, This is a call to arms of sorts. My boss whilst I was serving in the military is now out in the not so happy desert again. He is wanting to boost morale  of him and his lovely team out there. He was an absolute
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Mermaid Mission

Finally I got my mermaid tail in the pool. To be honest I wasnt prepared for the amount of difficulties it created moving underwater. Not only do my boobs tend to make me rather bouyant but also the fin makes it awkward to use. I recorded the practise so I can learn from it…. I
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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