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Under The Skin Tattoo Magazine – Khandie Khisses

Who doesnt love a good old interview? Especially when its with everyone’s favourite burlesque performer and all round good gal Khandie? Well new Under The Skin Tattoo magazine has produced a whole two page spread article with Khandie Khisses. Whats more is that it is a FREE read!

Fixe Magazine Interview

Sometime ago I was asked to give an interview for Fixe Magazine and today they published it. You can see it in full glory (typos and everything hahaha) here.

Biscuit Magazine (Australian) Published

Ok so before anyone points the obvious out that my name is spelt wrong…dont. I laughed my socks off as I thought it would have been checked. The photo used is by the delightful Haley Richardson. Fed up of giving run of the mill answers I let a lot more of my personality come out.
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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