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Waking up in Melbourne for what was the day of the last show was hard. Something that I had been working with for the past 3 weeks was coming to the end and it felt wrong. Some of the performers I had started the tour with werent going to be at the last show which
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Smell It….Mix It!

With my earlier hangover completely dissipated by mid afternoon, my rehearsals and preparation for the Big Tease at Red Bennies in Melbourne wasnt going to be affect. Whilst my wonderful friend Graeme thought I was a loon after waking him up at a ridiculous hour, I was eager to get to the show. A fabulous show with
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Kinky and Quirky Burlesque n Boogie – Torquay, Devon

This month Kinky & Quirky are going all out with a high octane, trash disco darlings, all fur and no knickers, hold the front page, wham bam thank you ma’am show that should knock you for six, slap you round the face, take you from behind and leave you screaming for more! Too much hype?
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Kilts and Tassels A La Cardiff

I hate trains. I mean really hate them. I tend to be stuck next to people who chew loudly, fidget or are genrally blah. So I was pleasantly surprised to be sat on my own for the majority of my journey to Cardiff to perform and host. I even loved when the spare seat was
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Birthday Celebrations

So I am officially another year old. 21 years old before you ask…haha thats what I have been telling myself for the last few years at least. I have to say my wifey Sara arranged an awesome party for me with oodles of chums of mine to show up. I got very drunk…and it was
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Convention Fashion Minus The Cosplay

This is me finally home from a truly fabulous time at Kapow Comic Convention. Ok so I am not your typical comic geek…I hadnt the fainest of ideas who Mark Miller was or who half the guests were but when Bleeding Cool said asked me to come along I figured why the hell not. I
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It seems a while since I updated you with my mermaid antics. The whole series of posts have been my post popular by far…well except the ones where I post booby snap shots. You can find my other blog posts about my mermaid antics here: Mermaid Mission, Bobbing Along, Fish Out of Water and Watersports.
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Quiffs and Cocktails

Ok so this is a bit late…I humbly apologise. Ok I dont because its my blinking blog so I can post as and when I feel the need. Given that it was a somewhat subdued weekend wheere i spent a great deal rhinestoning various garments I have little to write about. I did however have
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Armed Forces Day, Cardiff

Khandie is honoured to be asked to be the host for the 2011 Cardiff Armed Forces Day celebrations. With over 80,000 expected to attend plus numerous squadrons and regiments from HM Forces this is definitely her BIGGEST gig to date! The event will take place Saturday 25th June at Cooper’s Field, Bute Park, Cardiff. This will be
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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Recently I have been somewhat unwell and whilst there is no need to go into exact details lets just say a few hospital treatments , a teeny bit of surgery (teeny? hahaha) and medication I am well on the road to full health. Sadly I was made to have two weeks enforced rest by my
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