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Window Performance, Nikita Sablier, Salisbury

Khandie Khisses from 5pm will be performing a fan dance in the main window of Nikita Sablier boutique in Salisbury. She will be available after for Q&As as well as photos. Merch will be on sale.

Teaser Showreel

Yep…after years of avoiding it for no other reason than lack of time I have decided to slowly put together a showreel. Armed with an awesome team (<3) we have put together this teaser of what is to come. I love the quotes especially as all have been said (and this can be proven which
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Teaching Covent Garden

Khandie is teaching class in Covent Garden. For more info please see Burlesque Baby.

Back to Paris

aaahhh Paris how I missed you. Once again your favourite burlesque bombshell high tailed it to the bright lights and home of the Can Can, Paris. Again yours truly was invited to perform at the Paris Burlesque Festival having been there the year before. Nothing proves you a good performer than being invited back to a show
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Pinup America!! New Correspondent!

I am very pleased to announce that I am now the official UK Pinup America correspondent. My first live broadcast was this morning (at 1am!) which is 8 or so pm in Tampa Florida where they film the live broadcasts. I am approximately 34mins in. I will reporting regularly but you can always catch the show
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New Team Member

Hi, My name is Elvis (though its actually Elvis Houdini Duke the First if you really want to know). I am the newest team member here at Khisses HQ. I am pretty chilled out right now but as long as I get fed and some sleep I will be partying with the rest of you.

Wiki Page

Well what would you know but I seem to have my own Wiki page. Awesome. Sadly its very limited…about two sentences. Ha. Lets hope it builds. Khandie on Wiki

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Blitz Party, Brighton Ballroom

Dig out your army attire and wartime goodies for a night of old time glamour and 1940s entertainment, With our search light we’ve been sourcing some of the worlds greatest act from Burlesque,Variety to live music and Cabaret. Our Ballrooms Blitz Party is going to be filled with sand bags and flash lights, black outs
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Paris Burlesque Festival

This year’s Paris Burlesque Festival is inspired by the mythical world of Las Vegas. Paying tribute to the city’s luxurious, disproportionate and fantasy set in the heart of the Mojave Desert in Nevada. Program: New burlesque with internationally renowned artists, a competition to elect the 2011 Miss Paris Burlesque Festival, performances intimate, playful, sexy and committed an exhibition about the representation of Las Vegas, training courses for stripping burlesque, a conference on theburlesque, an open stage for young talent and a burlesque Bazaar to close the festivities during the day on Sunday. more info can be found here.

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