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Something Altogether New…

Well it seems the universe is throwing me a new challenge. I thought I would share the rough (very rough) first draft. Here I stand. Here I stand dressed in a gorilla suit. Here I stand in a gorilla suit in front of a sell out audience. In Hull. I am a burlesque dancer. Or
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Corsets UK – Review

Working with my costume designer it is very rare that I find myself buying ‘off the peg’ corsets. Not that I am a snob but I find them real hit and miss, be it poor boning or bad construction, particularly from online stores. When Corsets-UK contacted me about being sent one of their corsets I
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Fire Performing – Dancing with the Flame

It has been a number of years since I performed fire dancing with fans poi or even wands. I gave it up after seeing a terrible accident. It was silly really. I knew the moment I handed my fire fans over to another performer for free I would regret it. Recently I bit the bullet
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Jimmy’s End – Online Now

My first film role is now exposed for all to judge. Admittedly its no Academy Award winner but I loved working on Jimmy’s End. This film is from the wonderful team of Mitch Jenkins and Alan Moore. Enjoy.

Interview – Curvy and Successful

A wee while ago I was asked some questions about my various businesses for an article…. It went ‘live’ yesterday so enjoy it

Performance – GoGo Dancing

Khandie has been invited to perform a gogo dance in The Windmill in Brixton.

Whats It Like…

to shoot a movie?! SCARY! I shot my scenes for the new collaboration between Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins last week in good old Northampton and blinking heck…Amazing but scary as hell. Nothing quite puts the fear into you like 30 extras, 20 cast and crew staring at you with a camera in ya face
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Finery of Burlesque Business Workshop

30th June – 12-5pm SOLD OUT! This is a 5 hour workshop to be taught in a professional dance studio at Aylesbury College (direct trains from London Marylebone and free parking on site available). Aylesbury station is 5 mins walk away though pick up can be arranged if necessary. This class is aimed at the all
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Competition Time

Well it seems an age since I last ran a competition. So after a few emails from people asking when the next one is, I figured I had better get on it. There are three prizes. 1st Prize: one pair of signed stockings, a signed print and a signed note to the winner. 2nd Prize:
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Shoreditch Radio

Hello lovelies, Thought I would let ya’ll know about my blabbering being on Shoreditch Radio last night. The delightful darling Rubyyy Jones has recently acquired her own show and she kindly asked if I would offer my vocal chords to explaining why I chose my burlesque name. I encourage you listen to the entire show
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