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Am I Plus Size?!

  Yesterday I was told by another plus size model I was too slim to call myself plus size. ok… Then the same day I was informed by a modelling agency I was plus size so could model for them…wait…what?! So am I plus size or not? My measurements put me somewhere between a UK
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Under The Skin Tattoo Magazine – Khandie Khisses

Who doesnt love a good old interview? Especially when its with everyone’s favourite burlesque performer and all round good gal Khandie? Well new Under The Skin Tattoo magazine has produced a whole two page spread article with Khandie Khisses. Whats more is that it is a FREE read!

A Step Back Is A Step Forward

It is not often we see a step back as a step forward. Just over 6 months ago I stepped back into the full time employment of a day job and side stepped out of my self employment. Not entirely but enough to keep my hand (or should I say tassels) in but not so
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13 Oct – Birmingham Comedy Festival Wrap Party

Thats right Khandie is going back to her comedy roots and will be headlining the Birmingham Comedy Festival wrap party! Get your tickets here: Roadhouse Birmingham’s Comedy Festival Wrap Party! Get well and truly entertained with a staggering line-up of top comedians, musicians, bands, Steampunk acts, burlesque, stalls and more. Among those taking to the
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Photography – New Images

  I have been a busy bee lovelies. The Khandie Khisses brand is not merely about my burlesque. Some of you may already have attended shows I have helped produce/curate but more and more I am working as a model and photographer. Photography has been a huge part of my life as a child. I
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Fire Frolics

I have spoken previously of my return to fire performance. After over 6 years away it was something I knew I needed to to approach professionals to get my skills up to scratch. First lesson was with the wonderful Red Sarah who helped me get back to grips with fire eating. Loved it. I have
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Photographer? Moi?

Who would have thought that 4 years down the line I would not only be an internationally published photographer but also have a degree. But here I am…. Bragging about photography aint my bag. I have kept 99% of the images I have taken including my degree work very guarded. I took risks and want
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I made a costume in 5 hours

I decided to make a costume. I made one. In 5 hours. I used only what I found in the house already. Enjoy this video if nothing else for my idiot voice and crap jokes. To be honest this is a video to dispel the ideas that you need to splurge lots of money to
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Liverpool Tattoo Convention

Hey hey people….guess who made into Tattoo TV’s video of the Liverpool Tattoo Convention? ME ME ME! I am proud to have performed amongst such talent, art and fabulous people! My testimonial was pretty awesome too! Roll on next year!


Some of you may or may not know that I am quite the avid photographer and recently have really gotten back into it. I already have people wanting to shoot with me which is blinking marvellous. Not to mention a publication in the states wishing to showcase some of my work and N Photo magazine
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