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Private Performance – Wedding, Bath

Performing at a private wedding in Bath.

Fire Frolics

I have spoken previously of my return to fire performance. After over 6 years away it was something I knew I needed to to approach professionals to get my skills up to scratch. First lesson was with the wonderful Red Sarah who helped me get back to grips with fire eating. Loved it. I have
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Hollywood Glitz – Pinewood Hotel

Well that is another weekend come and gone. I had planned to take the entire month of January and plotting some big things that I have some what admittedly been putting off for a while.  But you know me by now right? I mean I am a work-aholic. SO in my month off I have
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Fire Performing – Dancing with the Flame

It has been a number of years since I performed fire dancing with fans poi or even wands. I gave it up after seeing a terrible accident. It was silly really. I knew the moment I handed my fire fans over to another performer for free I would regret it. Recently I bit the bullet
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Mirror, Mirror….On The Wall

Hey… Some new images to show off! No copying as you know its wrong! Let me know what you think. These were taken in a huge Edwardian style house with one hell of ballroom/conference room…the mantle was high up but with the help of a wonderful team the images are pretty lovely. Very impressed with
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Welcome to the show!

Google+  Khandie Khisses ‘The Tornado’ Burlesque Performer. Photographer. Fire Performer. Mermaid ‘Queen of Burlesque’ – and Fixe Magazine ‘Biggest name in burlesque’ – Birmingham Comedy Festival ‘Burlesque powerhouse.’ – SLiNK Magazine ‘ONE of vaudeville’s top international stars’ – Bridgewater Mercury ‘…superb on every level a burlesque performer should be.’ – Liverpool Tattoo Convention Top 50 Burlesque Stars of
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Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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