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Smell It….Mix It!

With my earlier hangover completely dissipated by mid afternoon, my rehearsals and preparation for the Big Tease at Red Bennies in Melbourne wasnt going to be affect. Whilst my wonderful friend Graeme thought I was a loon after waking him up at a ridiculous hour, I was eager to get to the show. A fabulous show with
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Simon Cowell and A Whipping

Sat with Tasia and Willow I was doing my best Simon Cowell impression… well if he was judging the Australian Burlesque Festival Baby Bombshell competition and was wearing a blonde wig with a blue ball gown. So not very Simon Cowell at all. I like to think I am a bit nicer than him too.
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Ok so I have arrived in OZ by way of Bangkok. Easy peesy. Was a pretty uneventful flight over bar some pretty shitty turbulence as we departed Bangkok and the lady caught giving oral to another passenger. I kid not. The air steward asked her to stop until they had left the plane…I sat sniggering
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Australian Burlesque Festival – Confirmed

Darlings, The dates are in. Its confirmed. Australia here I come! The tour dates are as follows: Shows 27th May (Sydney): The Big Tease – Red Room, 99 York St, Sydney 3rd June(Tasmania): The Big Tease – Peacock Theatre 77 Salamanca Pl Hobart 4th June (Canberra): The Big Tease – Irish Club, 6 Parkinson Street, Weston
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Australian Burlesque Festival!

Oh my gosh! I mean REALLY oh my gosh! The most wonderful email of all emails ever to be sent landed in my inbox! I am officially invited to perform at the AUSTRALIAN BURLESQUE FESTIVAL! Yes that is right AUSTRALIA! AUSTRALIA! AUSTR-FRIGGIN-ALIA! WOWOWOW so the provisonal dates are: 27th May (Canberra): The Big Tease 28th
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Oui Oui! C’est Magnifique!

Wow what a weekend. The Paris Burlesque Festival was the most fun I have had in a long time. Ok so the little hiccup at the start (being left at the train station because my driver was stuck elsewhere) did worry me a little bit as to how it was going to turn out…but the
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Paris Prep

Ok so a real short blog post to say I am all packed for Paris FINALLY. I have packed and repacked that suitcase so many times. Everything including the stars fit in which is a wonder in itself given that they are HUGE! I have rhinestoned anything missing some and have triple checked all costuming!
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Paris Burlesque Festival

thats right people! Khandie will be performing in Paris! And not just any old performance in Paris…well not that is any ‘old’ performances in Paris. Khandie performing at the Paris Burlesque Festival at TWO shows! Whoop Here is the link to my information: http://www.parisburlesquefestival.fr/invites.html#khandie Had to google translate what is says but its all good!

Performing for British Science Festival

Performing at the British Science Festival, Birmingham. http://www.britishscienceassociation.org/forms/festival/events/showevent2.asp?EventID=222

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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