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Goodwood Festival of Speed

So as a surprise for me, my wonderful friend Big S has arrived a private plane for me to fly into Goodwood for the Festival of Speed. I love Festival of Speed so am super excited. Plus with my private pilot licence, I am very excited at this opportunity. Watch my twitter and instagram for photos and
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Bristol Burlesque Festival

I am still on the come down from Thursday’s opening night of the Bristol Burlesque Festival. Never have a felt so more alive on stage. After an emotional week of losing such a close friend I will be the first to admit I worried I would be off my A game. I cried on the
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17 Oct – Bristol Burlesque Festival

details to follow.

13 Oct – Birmingham Comedy Festival Wrap Party

Thats right Khandie is going back to her comedy roots and will be headlining the Birmingham Comedy Festival wrap party! Get your tickets here: http://www.bhamcomfest.co.uk/13wrap.htm Roadhouse Birmingham’s Comedy Festival Wrap Party! Get well and truly entertained with a staggering line-up of top comedians, musicians, bands, Steampunk acts, burlesque, stalls and more. Among those taking to the
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Back to Paris

aaahhh Paris how I missed you. Once again your favourite burlesque bombshell high tailed it to the bright lights and home of the Can Can, Paris. Again yours truly was invited to perform at the Paris Burlesque Festival having been there the year before. Nothing proves you a good performer than being invited back to a show
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Paris Burlesque Festival

This year’s Paris Burlesque Festival is inspired by the mythical world of Las Vegas. Paying tribute to the city’s luxurious, disproportionate and fantasy set in the heart of the Mojave Desert in Nevada. Program: New burlesque with internationally renowned artists, a competition to elect the 2011 Miss Paris Burlesque Festival, performances intimate, playful, sexy and committed an exhibition about the representation of Las Vegas, training courses for stripping burlesque, a conference on theburlesque, an open stage for young talent and a burlesque Bazaar to close the festivities during the day on Sunday. more info can be found here.

On Air Baby!

Whilst in Australia I gave a short interview to a very easy on the eye lady. Her name Meagon Fitton and she is a presenter on East Side 89.7 FM. This Sydney based station is a great one as it covers the hustle and bustle of the creative world. You can listen to the interview
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The World Is Changing

Hello lovelies, How the devil are we all? I hope unlike me that none of you are suffering from an awful migraine. I honestly dont know where this bad boy came from. I was having the most wonderful time performing at the Fling Festival with the talented beauties of Lydia Darling (fire breathing sex pot),
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Tour Endex

This is me sat in a cold terminal in Sydney. Thats right I said cold. Not only does Australia love its air con but they love it cold. Didnt realise this as I stupidly thought Oz was warm but nope this tour took place in the winter. Now this isnt winter like it is in
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Waking up in Melbourne for what was the day of the last show was hard. Something that I had been working with for the past 3 weeks was coming to the end and it felt wrong. Some of the performers I had started the tour with werent going to be at the last show which
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