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Armed Forces Day, Cardiff

Khandie is honoured to be asked to be the host for the 2011 Cardiff Armed Forces Day celebrations. With over 80,000 expected to attend plus numerous squadrons and regiments from HM Forces this is definitely her BIGGEST gig to date! The event will take place Saturday 25th June at Cooper’s Field, Bute Park, Cardiff. This will be
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Just What The Doctor Ordered

Recently I have been somewhat unwell and whilst there is no need to go into exact details lets just say a few hospital treatments , a teeny bit of surgery (teeny? hahaha) and medication I am well on the road to full health. Sadly I was made to have two weeks enforced rest by my
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House of Burlesque -The Kings Theatre, Portsmouth

Khandie has been asked to perform at House of Burlesque at The Kings Theatre in Portsmouth. Info can be found here: Also it can be found on Facebook: More info will be posted as and when.

Bath Time

Ok so despite what the title of this blog says this is not about me splashing about in the bath. Admittedly that idea is somewhat appealing given how achy I am right now. I think I need to rest up. I have bruises and sore joints. EEKK am I getting old? This weekend saw me scampering off
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Starbucks Showgirls

Sometime ago…ok so last Sunday I was asked by the wonderful Alexandra Leberge (she is ADORABLE!!!) to help out some of her students at a photographic studio in Whitechapel. I agreed as not only do I consider Alex a friend now but also I am a vain little thing who enjoys prancing around in front
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One Image Sums It Up

Sometime ago way back in my military career (Royal Air Force baby) I was injured. It doesn’t matter how but needless to say it was pretty bad and I ended up with severe and long lasting damage to my back. Another incident resulted in me being hospitalised and put in a medical coma of sorts
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Mermaid Mission

Finally I got my mermaid tail in the pool. To be honest I wasnt prepared for the amount of difficulties it created moving underwater. Not only do my boobs tend to make me rather bouyant but also the fin makes it awkward to use. I recorded the practise so I can learn from it…. I
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Khandie Kholumns!

Sometime ago I started writing columns for the 21st Century Burlesque website. If you have yet to visit the website you really should. It comes recommended from some of the greatest burlesque and vaudeville stars alike. With regular articles and interviews being posted plus insider photos its a fabulous tool. I still do though admittedly
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Mirror, Mirror….On The Wall

Hey… Some new images to show off! No copying as you know its wrong! Let me know what you think. These were taken in a huge Edwardian style house with one hell of ballroom/conference room…the mantle was high up but with the help of a wonderful team the images are pretty lovely. Very impressed with
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Blah Fashion 2

Well what can I say? Despite my initial reservations of posting about my supposed fashion sense being far too narcissistic and self indulgent it would appear that it was well received. Again the universe surprises me and again i pander to its demands. So here is the next installment of my wardrobe adventures in the
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