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Mud Slide

This week saw me working for the loveable RedSarah at Nova Festival. If you have yet to see this one woman powerhouse of cabaret get your butts in gear. From drag kinging to balloon pops and fire play the woman is fab! Anyway arriving at Nova Festival (after much confusion from some security as to
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Bucks Herald Interview

Hello there…seems the Bucks Herald cant get enough of me. Not that I am complaining as we all know any publicity is good publicity right!? So when my journalist friend Andy came over the Immortal Eye Photographic Studio to interview me it was only right to get him to have  a little lesson. Poor man.
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Well I am addicted, rather pathetically, to Twitter. It has both the ability to be an amazing networking tool but also alas the diary you share with the world. I ‘follow’ so many people who interest me for one reason or another. It might be from a professional or even a personal reason I feel
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Back to Paris

aaahhh Paris how I missed you. Once again your favourite burlesque bombshell high tailed it to the bright lights and home of the Can Can, Paris. Again yours truly was invited to perform at the Paris Burlesque Festival having been there the year before. Nothing proves you a good performer than being invited back to a show
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Teaching – Courtyard Theatre, London

teaching a burlesque improvers class. Info can be found here as well as booking:

Alan Moore/Mitch Jenkins Filming To Begin!

Well it was made official aka public knowledge last night at the Dodgem Logic reading/panel/sermon of all things Moore and Nothampton that the Mitch Jenkins/Alan Moore film colloboration will start filming August…and yes you guessed it I am on the cast! I am well I cant divulge too much as its both rude and disrespectful
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