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Sugarlesque – Sweet and Sexy

I rarely shop on the high street and not because I am a snob but mostly because the high street in London tends to mean Oxford Street. Read Oxford Street as hell on Earth on any given day let alone a Saturday. You need riot gear to walk there to be fair and if you dont scream at the ignorance of some people the choice will make you tear your hair out. The shops repeat and repeat and repeat.

So I often find myself mooching about the more boutique places to find what I want. It was during one of my mooches (on route to my favourite shop Fur Coat No Knickers) that I happened across Sugarlesque in Kingly Court, off Carnaby Street. With the silk panties and nipple tassels tempting me from the window I had to pop in. It would be rude not to. Sugar by name and nature it seems. It was like entering a candy box of silk, corsetry and glamour. The walls are adorned with specifically selected art work based on the themes of lingerie and pinups. The pale pink fondant walls just added to the cutesy appeal of this shop. Add the black satin dressing room curtains and I knew I was right to come in.

Whilst the corsetry seemed to be mainly What Katie Did there was clearly some hand crafted items that stood out. I was very amused and pleasantly surprised to see a sewing machine in the corner which appeared to have a project midway through on it. A very lovely touch that clearly wasnt placed to be pretentious but actually enphasised the shop’s idea of delivering only the finest.

Sugarlesque pretties!

The two ladies behind this delight may be already known to you: Clare and Ruka. Ruka is a former showgirl who actually supplies the luxury underwear brand MYLA with tassels as well as handcrafting her own lingerie line (aahhh explains the sewing machine then!). Meanwhile Clare is someone who I have worked for in her capacity as headmistress of the London branch of Dr Sketchys as well as her work for What Katie Did (and that explains the lingerie!)

Regrettably I missed the opening day which was 8th March but if twitter is anything to go by they made quite the impression. The word on twitter seemed that Sugarlesque was the place to be. Now venturing in myself it was clear to see why. From the dressing table with carefully selected jewellery and the pretty displays it is clear that these two ladies know their customers. What was wonderful to hear was that they are constantly looking for new items to feature in their shop. So do you have something you make/craft that you would like to sell? Perhaps these two darlings could help you?

Having thought I missed all the fun of the first day I was informed that an offical launch party is happening on 12th March so guess where I am thinking of heading…

I left the shop with a pretty wrapped present for Twonk and with the issuing of loyalty card there is no doubt in my mind I will be back. Incidentally I never went to Fur Coat No Knickers. I got my fix at Sugarlesque.

Present....I love the pink!


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