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A Step Back Is A Step Forward

It is not often we see a step back as a step forward. Just over 6 months ago I stepped back into the full time employment of a day job and side stepped out of my self employment. Not entirely but enough to keep my hand (or should I say tassels) in but not so it was all consuming. 6 months ago I was a different person. In those 6 months I found myself loving the day job but the stage called. The longer I stayed at the desk, the louder the calls got.

Rather than simply head straight back to my love of burlesque, I have started to push my photography. Somewhat of a hobby that I kept on the most part to myself. No sooner had I created the facebook page…I had 100 likes. Then came the bookings. I might not own my own studio but I do have access to them. I have to say… I am shocked at the support and the interest in what has been less than 48 hours.

Burlesque performances are as busy as ever. I tended to keep my performances to Friday/Saturdays but no sooner did I announce I was leaving the day job, a new agency took me on. Then in rolled the bookings. I had previously turned down work overseas as I had work, limited holiday time and could not do it at short notice. Not any more. So it is off to the Netherlands for me, then Paris and seems LA is calling. WHOOP!

I have already taken on work to help with other performers admin too. I have drafted some copy for one performer’s new website but also worked on another’s CV. Seems my calling is to be a Creative Girl Friday.

I cant wait for the world of self employment to open up to me again. One baby step at a time.

If you are looking for:

  • a performer
  • a fire breather/eater
  • an event coordinator
  • a photographer
  • a model
  • a compere
  • and anything else….contact me!


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