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Starbucks Showgirls

Sometime ago…ok so last Sunday I was asked by the wonderful Alexandra Leberge (she is ADORABLE!!!) to help out some of her students at a photographic studio in Whitechapel. I agreed as not only do I consider Alex a friend now but also I am a vain little thing who enjoys prancing around in front of a lens.

So dragging my now infamous black coffin of a suitcase off to Jack the Ripper realm (Whitechapel) I was posing in front of a variety of photographers under Alex’s guidence from about 1030hrs til about 1800hrs ish. Hard work but beyond hysterical at times. The trip to Starbucks to get my coffee (I refuse to send others to get it for me) made me laugh loads.

With the wonderful Tabitha posing as well the day was fantastic.

So below are some images. All of these are from Alex Leberge so copyright is hers. Please dont copy etc without her prior permission.

I wont post the student images just yet.

Copyright Alex Leberge. I LOVE THIS! Corset by Vintage Lynndy Loo...naturally.

I modelled a variety of oufits. More images on their way.

Copyright Alex Leberge. Getting ready

Copyright Alex Leberge. Dad dancing on set...I am a dork. I love this image a lot!

Copyright Alex Leberge. No legs! Tassels by Adora Belle.

Copyright Alex Leberge. Corset by Vintage Lynndy Loo.

Copyright Alex Leberge.

Starbucks + Khandie +Whitechapel = scene....oops Copyright Alex Leberge

Some behind the scenes images taken on cameras of far less quality:

Modelling like a goofball.

Darf Vader Meets Gyspy Rose Lee

Incidently you can also see footage of yours truly being a complete goof ball on set here: Goof Ball Footage.

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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