Spirit Model Management - Interview - Khandie Khisses - Burlesque, Fire Breather, Underwater Mermaid and more...

Spirit Model Management – Interview

Not sure if you know but I am also agency represented (non-exclusively) by the wonderful Spirit Model Management. Well anyway aside from being wonderful they actually get me work. Most recently I was booked to appear in the Hurts new music video for Miracle. I had an amazing time and loved it.

The boss of Spirit is Sapphira and she was kind enough to interview me recently…

Khandie has been with Spirit right from our humble beginnings, after spotting her at a small local Burlesque show in 2009. Sapphira approached her for model representation after recognising her star quality, she performed with magnetic energy a captivating stage presence with a style and uniqueness that impresses and never leaves you. Since then with the success of starring in the short film ‘Jimmy’s End’ written by british author and screen writer Alan Moore, her popular Burlesque performances and her bookings through Spirit Models as an Art Nude model for Julia Fullerton-Battenand and most recently in the ‘Hurts’ new music video for their next single ‘Miracle’; Khandie’s career has soared into dizzy heights. Khandie took some rare time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions….

aahhh how lovely? You can read the rest of the interview here: http://spirit-models.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/with-khisses.html?spref=fb

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