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Smell It….Mix It!

With my earlier hangover completely dissipated by mid afternoon, my rehearsals and preparation for the Big Tease at Red Bennies in Melbourne wasnt going to be affect. Whilst my wonderful friend Graeme thought I was a loon after waking him up at a ridiculous hour, I was eager to get to the show.

A fabulous show with some awesome acts. Red Bennies can cater aerial work so I finally got to see some. I loved it all. Recieved a great reaction to my not so usual style of an act: Sinning. Based on the old school burlesque striptease this act is an act I never thought I would do. I am more manic than controlled but it seems being here and seeing other acts has inspired me more than I would know. I had only bought the costume to shoot with Haley Richardson but requested to perform it after seeing the shows. Whoop!

The aftershow was a blur of vegan burgers from King of Fries (big nom nom) and an attempt to watch League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Sleeps came quick.

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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