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Am I Plus Size?!


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Yesterday I was told by another plus size model I was too slim to call myself plus size. ok…

Then the same day I was informed by a modelling agency I was plus size so could model for them…wait…what?!

So am I plus size or not?

My measurements put me somewhere between a UK size 12 – 14.

Some other bigger (larger…whats the PC word for it?!) plus size women have objected to my being called plus size as I am not ‘plus size enough’. REALLY!? Are we marginalising again here? Is there a plus plus size category that I am unaware of? Do I need additional permission to be called plus size from other plus size women or can I use the information provided to me?  I am sorry but do we really need to be that silly about labelling.

In the world of the fashion industry; rightly or wrongly, the term plus size is for models over a size 12. So by that definition I am plus size.  Yet people object. So am I the middle ground, the average, the norm? From what I can see I am anything but.

We only have to look into the street to see there is no norm amongst body types. With anything we can organise the data to make it look swanky and fit into neat little boxes but I am not about to see that as the answer. I am beyond departmentalising my body, and those of my friends. Plus size is a broad sweeping description of a body shape over a UK size 12. Lets not put any more parameters on it other than that. We have spent years working towards ‘plus size’ being recognised as a term and are working hard for it not to be seen negatively. Lets not heap our own issues on it.

As it stands I am happy to be classed as plus size or not.

I am what I am, as the song goes.

In the mean time enjoy the images from a recent shoot….Copyright Khandie Khisses


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