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Simon Cowell and A Whipping

Sat with Tasia and Willow I was doing my best Simon Cowell impression… well if he was judging the Australian Burlesque Festival Baby Bombshell competition and was wearing a blonde wig with a blue ball gown. So not very Simon Cowell at all. I like to think I am a bit nicer than him too. Admittedly it would be impossible to be mean to any of the competing acts as A thats not my style and B there were all good.

With the winner announced (Divine Parody with a friggin hysterical act that I swear made me pee 3 times nearly), the night was young and the debauchery was just starting. Taking my lovable ladies Lillian Starr ( tonight known as Johnny Dark), Tasia and her hubby we headed into China Town. With my ass spanked all the way from Johnny and demolishing good grub we ended up in the infamous Spearmint Rhino. HA!!! Giggles a plenty.

The night ended up with me waking up Graeme who I was staying with to open the flat doors…my key wouldnt work and it wasnt the excessive alcohol in my system at all…

The next morning was a ‘leave me to die on the floor’ day. Lessons sadly werent learnt.

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