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Here you will find a list of burlesque acts/walkabout characters that Khandie has to offer.

Footage of recent performances is being uploaded regularly. Below is a list of current list of acts. You can also see footage here: Khandie’s YouTube channel. Including some of her fire skills

Please also note that Khandie is able to create special acts upon request. Please message

Burlesque Acts

Promo images can also be found in the Gallery page.

Dark Before The Dawn– a dramatic performance to stunning both classical and contemporary music. Inspired by a falling stars Khandie peels away her clothing to reveal the sunshine that rises beneath. Fan dance using 3D light up stars  and striptease.


Glitter Mae – Inspired by legendary Mae West this is a saucing striptease with a near nude/sheer dress with thousands of sparkling rhinestones. Glitter/champagne pour finale.

Glitter Mae

Swing It – A traditional highly glamorous striptease routine created in homage to the great burlesque legends who forged the way for the art form of today.


Psychosis of a Nightmare – a silent film inspired dark act. Decadently costumed, Khandie performs as the nightmare within the sleeping mind of us all. Her wickedly seductive reveal will put all your fears to rest and send you into the good night dreaming of something else. Fire performance optional.


Adora Dea – (fire act) taking burlesque back to its basic element of tease, Khandie is transformed into the illusive and highly desirable temple dancers of Greek and Roman mythology with a dash of Eastern culture. Her subtle movements building as the primal frenzy reaches its maximum intoxication this act is fast, fierce and fiery. Khandie dances with the flames to entice those mere mortals who gaze upon here. Footage of some fire skills here.


Rabbit Poison – a darker slightly comedic act that is inspired by characters from Alice in Wonderland. As a rabbit, Khandie drinks herself to distraction. Oh dear! Performed on tour in Australia for Australian Burlesque Festival


Babe of the Blitz – Khandie goes back to her roots with an RAF inspired act. Poor girl gets caught in an air raid…how will she pass the time? A very cheesecake act complete with real gas mask. Performed on tour in Australia as part of the Australian Burlesque Festival.


Kong’s Evolution – inspired by the fabulous Marlene Dietrich’s turn as a gorilla in Blonde Venus, this act is a real show stopper. It wasn’t man that killed the beast, but beauty. With a full gorilla costume slowly removed to show the showgirl inside, this act is a fast paced crowd pleaser.


Showtime– An ode to the traditional burlesque showgirl. Khandie tantalises and teases as the most elegant of darlings. Performed to vintage jazz with an element of cheek. Champagne finish available

Sinners – taking inspiration from art deco costuming and the gold ages of striptease, Khandie has produced a slinky seductive number using classic music scores. A bump n a grind of glamorous magnitude.


Fan Dances – a number of fan dances are available to a variety of tunes from ‘Banned in Boston’ to ‘Feeling Good’. Stripteases can also be incorporated into a routine.


Fire Performance – Khandie has over 6 years fire eating/burning experience has can specifically create an act to music of your choice. She can be booked as installation for your party as mere entertainment.

verity-Westcott3 10801719_10152461905738341_8223891447786515610_n

Walkabout/Static Characters

With an array of costuming, characters can be created to suit every event. From meeting and greeting at networking events to entertaining guests at a wedding on stilts. Characters available include: 50s pinup, gorilla, voodoo dancer, mermaid (full submergeable so can be placed in water), mad hatter, Madam Pompadour as well as many other characters you may require.


Specialist Act: Mermaid – The only one known to be available in the UK. A specially created full functioning mermaid costume. Khandie can be placed in a pool of water, sat on a rock or even be hired to swim in the pool for your event. The tail consists of a monofin and is made of waterproof material so can be used underwater. Perfect for promotional/corporate events or even birthday parties. Full insured.

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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