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First Show Down (Under)

what can I say about my first show here in Oz that describes it better than AWESOME! From the moment we arrived at the venue to the second we all crashed into our art deco hotel it was fabulous.

Corpsing after the show with Dolores...

Rather worried I wouldnt fit in I was greeted with open arms and vajazzles of the highest calibre. Each lady, each member of the team were amazing. Yes this is a rather mushy post but the whole night was faultless. A true asset to the burlesque circuit.  I have made friends already.

we is well gangster. With Dolores n Becky Lou

concerned look is a result of realising I need a pee and have to be on stage in 5 mins. this corset is TIGHT!

After much antics of stupidness after the show,myself and one the promoters headed to brunch the next day to meet some of her fabulous mates. The lovely Geeves arrived in all her rockabilly vintage glory. Loved that lady’s boots.

With a bimble around the Rocks with Betty Lou complete we spruced up and headed the the famous Jac Bowie Miss Burlesque Australia NSW heats. The winner of heat would be crowned Miss NSW.

I have to say this was a different type of audience that what I had encounted at the festival show but they were none the less encouraging to the girls. When one dress failed to undo the lovely crowd cheered regardless. The talent range was impressive with very new performers competing with seasoned professionals. My favourites were Betty Crumble and Danika (who went on to win so yeah!). Each act clearly brought their own sense of burlesque to the show and it was a night I wont forget. Well done to all ladies who competed.

Now bed….oh wait its like 6.30am…off to wander out for brekkie…

Tazmania show on Friday…so for now monging and sight seeing.

Photos of the first show are now available!

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