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Ok so I know I am meant to be writing my press release regarding the Armed Forces Day event I am hosting in Cardiff (80,000 people expected!!! WTF)

But two emails have popped into my inbox that made me smile somewhat.

Both from email addresses I vaguely recognise requesting a pair of my used stockings for a price. Now before you go EEEWWW its not that uncommon for burlesque performers to sell their used stockings. The likes of Dita have been doing it for years. VERY odd though that I should be asked.

But this isnt the only thing I have been asked to sell. A list (be warned…)

  • used tit tape (the stuff that sticks my pasties/tassels on).
  • worn panties.
  • worn tights/pantihose.
  • worn stockings.
  • worn shoes.
  • urine (yes my pee/wee/piss).
  • spit (grim I know)
  • worn bra.
  • worn lingerie (any will do apparently).
  • lipstick kisses on paper.

See! Random is as random does. I am not entirely sure why these are wanted but um…ok….yeah….next email!

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