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Seeing Red (heads)

So yet again it seems that I have been the busiest of bunnies (albeit in a corset clad bunny…ooohh the easter bunny would look so HOT in a corset…ok thats sick KK!) I have been doing shows after shows with the odd modelling assignment thrown in for good measure.

I performed on the 30th July at Red Rocks in Birmingham. A great night specialising in bring the best of red haired burlesque beauties together in one show of delightful decadence and debauchery. Along with some old friends (Delilah Dufoe, Dani California and Cherry Fox) I also met the likes of Glorian Gray and Talluah Cherry. Fey Tish certainly knows how to put on a great show and I had a fabulous time. Luckily my red/brown fringe qualified me to perform as a red head otherwise I was about to don a wig…oohh sweaty wig. The night was hilarious and my Gorilla Voodoo You Do act did me proud!

With El Kapitan! With my Gorilla Voodoo You Do make up still on...loser!

I managed to crawl into bed at an unholy hour staying at my lovely chums Ditzy Diamond and The Decandent Gent’s house. We spent the next afternoon messing about in Birmingham where I got over excited by my first tram ride, yellow chips, Hello Kitty sweets, Kermit lunch boxes and comics. I am a simple creature we all know that. I was rather shocked to see how much my mug appeared in shops in Birmingham. I spotted posters of me everywhere advertising the XXtreme show at The Public in West Bromwich. Rather impressed and definately a head swelling moment.

 That evening though Steve Baund (ex-vocalist for the heavy metal band Vert) treated me to see his mates Envy of the State playing a gig in Telford. Though not my usual sort of music they friggin rocked! Even their support acts were fantastic! I forge the name of the band that covered the Lady GaGa song but it was brilliant. I even met up with some old friends including Sapphira who runs Spirit Model Management agency that I am signed to. Nice surprise and as always she was wonderful!

┬áThe rest of the week was spent recovering and planning. I was due to perform at the Peacock Lounge in Huddersfield on the saturday but the travel was going to be difficult so far as the Friday I was scheduled to attend an important hospital appointment for some surgery. So in the end rather guttingly had to cancel. Sunday though I was performing at the Endorse It festival…well I was supposed to be performing but rather last minute was asked to compere as well. I took it in my stride even if some drunken twat stormed my stage! Boy did I yell at her in my feathered headdress and fur stole! the crowd loved the outburst! tee hee! I loved it and hope to do it again next year as well as other fesitvals. I received lots of feedback all good might I add!

But sadly I couldnt stick around too long as I had to get back to London ASAP. You see this performer was off to the island of Jersey. Thats right some one was making me fly to their lovely island to perform. AND BOY DID I HAVE THE BEST TIME EVER! I went with Fifi Fatale who is quite possibly the cutest (mildly crazy) lady ever. We were treated like royalty and loved it. From our lovely appartment to the press photographers, every little thing was wonderful. I cant wait to go back. Big thanks to Laura and Charlene for inviting us out there to perform.


Getting my (show) game face on! Jersey Rocked!

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