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A Quick Christmas/Happy Holidays Howdo

with KeePie the Pooch

Puppy Love!

So it would appear that big day in the calendar has descended upon us once again and NO I don’t mean my birthday but thank you for thinking so. Hee hee. So I wish you all a fabulous holiday season.

 I have plans to post a Christmas message to my folks in Oz on the actual day. Think the Queen’s speech but more bouffant and less budget. Right now I am off schmooze around the Christmas tree… with copious amounts of booze and lots of flooze!

Christmas tree sparkles

Aaahhh mirror! With a christmas candle...best light that later.


BTW I did get a rather cute tattoo from Dixie Doll Tattoo Parlour.. the video is —>An Ickle Tattoo Before Christmas

with the gang...Jason, Tammy and Tempest-Rose

Sadly my time here in Bournemouth will be brief as am celebrating a quick Christmas before I head back out on the volunteering activities I have planned. Gutted as I cant visit all those I want to but I love them regardless. Will have to make another visit. Especially as I have yet to meet the beautiful new bambino that Starla and Matt have welcomed to the world recently. Admittedly I couldnt visit at the moment as I am getting over a cold…cant be giving sprogs illnesses now can !?!

Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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