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Promo Images

Promo Images

Promo images are the photographs you send to promoters and clients along with your CV to entice them to book you. Promoters tend to use them on the show posters, so you need to be aware of what rights you have on the images. Generally speaking you will have promotional rights only: the images can be used to promote you but are not for resale or editing without express permission from the copyright holder who is 9 times out 10 the photographer. Buying copyright is expensive but some photographers are happy to sign it over to you. GET YOUR RIGHTS IN WRITING! Copyright infringement is a very expensive and silly thing to do. It is illegal. If you take an image by someone and alter it or use it without permission and without rights, you will more than likely find yourself at the end of a very pricey invoice. You will be legally obliged to pay it too. As a photographer I sent another photographer an invoice for such a thing when he used one of my images on his site to promote his business. It was a price mistake and got him blacklisted in the community.

When approaching a photographer, do you research. Dont simply use the cheapest or the one who is free. Images must be as high end as possible. Colour is generally best but a few black and white ones are ok.

People sometimes advertise TFCD or TFP which stands for Time For CD or Time For Print. Basically you pose for not payment but images. Being paid for modeling doesnt mean you also get images. As photographer I often cast for TFCD though its more USB or sent digital files with promotional rights only rather than a clunky CD.

When you do research look at their previous work. It helps if they have done promo images before and even better if its burlesque ones. The idea of a promo image is to sell the best version of you, so its got to be good.

Here is a handy checklist I tend to look at when choosing my own photographer for promos:

  1. Have they done similar for other entertainers?
  2. Do they have access to a studio to use?
  3. How long will it take to get the images?
  4. What rights do I have for the image use?
  5. What rights does he have? Some photographers sell images so are you signing away any rights to a profit share? Check that release you sign.
  6. Cost and what do I get?
  7. Are they competent? Lighting, post production etc
  8. Have they shot anyone I know so I can ask for a reference perhaps?
  9. Where are they located?
  10. How much time do I have in front of the camera?

Some are more applicable than others.

You need good quality hi res images that you can send. They should be a mix of your most glamorous or signature costumes as well as a few pastie shots if you wish but BE WARNED its rare that a pastie shot can be used on a show poster. There should also be ample space around your image for the promoter to use. Ensure your photographer is aware that the watermark may be removed in cropping for a poster. Some are not happy with this but you need to ask before you do the promo shoot itself otherwise its a wasted time. Not all posters need to alter the image but if they do, permission must be sought. The more professional performers will know this and will have already obtained permission before sending any images.

Promo images should be updated at least every 6-8 months in my opinion as we bring out new acts, change shape, get more ink etc. However, if you dont then yearly or 18monthly may be better for you.

I have a huge list of photographers I recommend because I researched them. If you are going to try and get ahead in burlesque you need to invest. You project quality, the promoters see you as such. I am a photographer myself. I love photographing my fellow performers for their promo shoots.

Example of one of my promo images (Self portrait no less) taken and used on a poster.

Tease Rooms Another promo image used


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