Piffle! - Performance - Khandie Khisses - Burlesque, Fire Breather, Underwater Mermaid and more...

Piffle! – Performance

Piffle! is an evening of Dada inspired cabaret madness brought to you by the certifiable but mostly harmless Ditzy Diamond and some of the most creative, most bizarre, most wonderful artistes working in the UK today.

FRAYED KNOT – Circus and cabaret featuring that daring and devilishly charming twosome Edd Muir and Amelie Soleil.

BEATRIX VON BOURBON – The very definition of tattooed elegance as you have NEVER seen her before!

MISTER JOE BLACK – The neo-vaudevillian and real life Disney villain, Joe will be brining to Birmingham what some have called his most controversial act

KHANDIE KHISSES – dubbed the queen of burlesque by writer Rich Johnston, her high energy acts will leave you breathless.

BISCUITHEAD & the BISCUIT BADGERS – the Leeds based moustache-powered tuba cabaret marvel as reviewed in Bizarre magazine.

HEATHER SWEET – the absinthe fuelled and perennially political explosion of glitter, rainbows, fairy dust and filth.

TWINKEL PINK – a twisting, spinning, poledancing burlesque sensation,

THE DECADENT GENT- Fresh from his travels through the Ottoman Empire in naught but a pith helmet and a strategically placed teapot, The Decadent Gent will be compering Piffle! and guiding us through a night of cabaret, burlesque and general tomfoolery.

FEY TISH – The one and only Fey Tish will be our stage manager extraordinaire for the evening and will help keep that pesky DG in line.

But that’s not all! We’ve also got:
Live Art!
Live Poetry!
Live Twins!

It’s a night not to be missed so make sure you get your tickets early before they disappear!
Check out our site http://piffle.yolasite.com for more info!


Khandie Khisses 2017 Up
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