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The Photography Show – Birmingham NEC

Today I hightailed it with the Immortaleye Photography team to Birmingham NEC to attend The Photography Show. I do love a good trade show and having been to a few and left feeling somewhat disappointed with the lack of equipment (tending to be more photo album heavy), I had high expectations of the show.

HUGE turnouts meant careful meandering amongst the copious stalls but what I particularly liked about this show is that disabled attendees dont feel there are parts of the show they cant visit. I actually made purchases too. I mean I tend to scope them out but buy when home, but today I parted with cash. Cash spent on books and the most wonderful of camera straps.

I must devote some time to my wonder of a camera strap.

As a performer by day (and night) I am all about standing out and whilst I have an amazing love affair with my beloved Nikon, any customisation is a big no no. Its a big price tag to replace such a camera if I mess it up. So resisting the urge to paint (yes, paint)my camera I was very much excited to come across Smile. A Spanish company fairly new in formation but such a dream if you are into standing out with your camera as well as your images. I found myself in a matter of moments in possession of their ‘pinup’ camera strap. Adorned with pinup queens, sugar skulls and tattooed print it was certainly a fresh hip alternative to the black and brown straps of the general public.

Not simply content with supply camera straps, there are compact camera cases and even lens covers. Yes, I have placed ANOTHER order on my return home.

The show is wonderful. Finally a show without ego that actually attracts the big names like Rankin but also is heavy on teaching. Free seminars ran throughout the day and even the workshops were cheap enough not to make even the tightest of budgets cry. I spent much of my day rooted to the Nikon School stand. I was deeply in impressed with the somewhat straight talking, insightful talk delivered by Kate Hopewell-Smith. I loved how she practically demanded amateurs upped their games and quit relying on Auto settings. I even took notes! One day I hope to be able to deliver a seminar like this, to the point and educational without patronisation. Kate really has got her market, pushed the boundaries and yet remained 100% true to her roots of Fine Art. Lens cap off to her.

Now to bed. I am buzzing with ideas once again to take my own photography to the next level.



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